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🔧 BUILD My MKIV Supra build-ish thread...big boy 3.4L motor time

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Most of you that have access to FB have probably already seen this but I did part ways with my Turbo TA yesterday. I've owned that car for over 10 years and took it from completely stock to a monster that is easy to drive and fun to thrash. I will miss that car but where I am in my life is I'd like to slow it down a bit and just have some cruisers and the TA deserves better than what I'm will to do with it. I think it's got everything to be competitive in the right hands. The new owner is a good friend of mine and lives less than a mile away from me so we will be seeing each others cars often that's for sure so it's not gone gone. This was not an easy decision but a combination of right place, right time, right person and right price as I had to come up with some cash on the difference. I would never sell this car normally as I don't think I could trust someone to not hurt themselves in it, but the new owner is more than capable of handling it and I'll be able to still see it perform at the track albeit from the sidelines and not in the drivers seat.

Edit: I'm going to turn this into a mini build thread and document some progress


A little update for you all. First wave of e85 pulls. This is only at 30psi, we are pushing up to 40psi but need to switch out injectors. Depending on the limits of the intake manifold we may stop it a little early but I’m pretty happy with these numbers considering it’s a healthy midrange curve for modest boost.



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Solid numbers man!

Will you be making any wheel/tire or drivetrain modifications to help make that power useable or no need?
For the most part it’s good. I may need to build the trans if it goes and it already has an 8.8 with dss pro axles. May do a 18” drag radials as I’m sure the r888r’s are not long for this world, but this isn’t exactly a dig car.

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