🔧 BUILD My MKIV Supra build-ish thread...big boy 3.4L motor time

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Most of you that have access to FB have probably already seen this but I did part ways with my Turbo TA yesterday. I've owned that car for over 10 years and took it from completely stock to a monster that is easy to drive and fun to thrash. I will miss that car but where I am in my life is I'd like to slow it down a bit and just have some cruisers and the TA deserves better than what I'm will to do with it. I think it's got everything to be competitive in the right hands. The new owner is a good friend of mine and lives less than a mile away from me so we will be seeing each others cars often that's for sure so it's not gone gone. This was not an easy decision but a combination of right place, right time, right person and right price as I had to come up with some cash on the difference. I would never sell this car normally as I don't think I could trust someone to not hurt themselves in it, but the new owner is more than capable of handling it and I'll be able to still see it perform at the track albeit from the sidelines and not in the drivers seat.

Edit: I'm going to turn this into a mini build thread and document some progress



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May 13, 2009
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I always forget how clean the interior was.
It needs to be cleaned up a bit but it really is such a good interior. Very clean for it's age
Pretty awesome! Congrats.
Any plans for it? Changes or upgrades?
No major changes. If I do anything it will be a T56 Magnum swap. You can get everything needed for a pretty easy installation from Grannas racing. Even the interior trim pieces and pedals.
Thank you buddy!! I was always jealous of others that had Supra's so now I get to have all that hot man action
Trade makes sense. I was sad when I saw it on Facebook at first I thought you just sold the car, in which case I was really sad because I would have bought it from you lol.

Either way congrats

For sure, I've been keeping this pretty quiet until it happened. Jon and I are good friends and where he wanted to go with the car he couldn't bare to rip the car up so trading for my car which is more race ready made more sense and also gave him a little more cash in his pocket.

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