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Oct 3, 2008
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:bigthumb: Dennis with the black Honda.

Hondas are rampant in this scene, they’re a dime a dozen. But let’s not deny the truth, many if not all of us got into the scene and lifestyle because at one point or another in our lives we saw a bad ass modified Honda. From that first sighting we fell in love with the scene and yearned for more. Hell many of us in the scene have at least had one Honda! I guess it’s safe to say that Hondas are kind of like a gateway drug into the tuning scene. Let’s face it, there are many parts available, swaps can easily be accomplished, a lot of shops that specialize in them, buying one is not as hard as buying oh say a used Evo or STI. I can recall a time when you picked up a tuning magazine on the cover was a Honda, many of the articles and pictures were Hondas.

But to all these positives there were also negatives. Prime example of this is the fact that you can probably pick up a decently used Honda Civic hatch for around 1500-2000, so this makes it accessible virtually to anyone; and the possibilities of tuning it are only limited to anImage individual’s budget and imagination. Second downside to it, since basically most Honda parts are universal easily

swapped, if you have enough done your car is prone to being stolen. Finally, since Hondas are easily attainable they’ve become a symbol of the ricer; many of them get built for the sake of being accepted or a sign or status of being in the scene. Unfortunately those are the types we often encounter.

Like all things there is always an exemption.

These two prime examples of a Honda done right! Built out of passion and made to serve a purpose!

Mikey B and Dennis have built themselves fun little toys, while proving that not all Honda owners are doomed to be marked as a ricer.

Mikey and Dennis’ EFs has a wide array parts of the beckons to be respected. No cut corners. I can tell these cars were built for a purpose and to suit their individualities. Now they may not be the prettiest to some people’s standards, but to me they are beautifully and eclectically done. I can rant on and on about these two track made cars but I’m not trying to write a book ; I’ll let the mod list and pictures do the talking.

Both Mikey and Dennis have run Gingerman for the WMHM last year, with even bigger plans to run more tracks this year. Again proving that not all Honda owners are stuck in the days of the FAST AND FURIOUS. Well done chaps well done!

Mikey’s EF:

PIC Apex coilovers (10k 8k)

90-91 integra front brake upgrade

AutoPower RollBar

JDM b16a

B16 close ratio transmission

Competition clutch stage 2

Stainless steel brake lines

Crx Si rear disk converstion

Dc sport 4-2-1 header

Apexi World sport exhaust

Rota RB 15×7 +30 205/50/15 Falken Azenis (street set up)

Koing ts06 15×6.5 +40 205/50/15 Dunlop Star Specs (track wheels)

Hasport Motor mounts

Full-race Traction Bar.

Skunk2 upper control arms

Blox rear camber kit

energy suspension polyurethane bushings

Hawk hps race pads

Brembo blanks

buddy club bucket seats

willans 5 point harness

Crx Si rear sway bar

blox lower control arms

Future mods:

Full weld in roll cage

Fully built B series (in progress)

Pic Select coil overs (14k 16k)

window net

new paint

buddy club spec 2

buddy club dual bend shifter

Dennis’ EF

158hp dyno tuned
B16A obd1 oem fresh rebuild
áHASPORT engine mounts
jdm Y1
heavy duty clutch
lightened flywheel
AEM intake, k&n filter
5zigen header
RS*R exhaust
electric cooling fan
áfull size dual core radiator
FLP shifter
PIC select 8kF / 6kR
áskunk2 upper control arms
prothane bushing kit
ARP studs
Suspension Techniques rear sway bar
HF CRX front sway bar
EX front brakes
CRX rear disc
brembo blank rotors
Hawk HP+ brake pads
stainless braided brake line

INTEGRA master cylinder, booster
RB 15×7
205/50r15 Azenis
matching spare
Autopower roll bar
3inch 5pt harnesses
bucket seats
gutted interior
no A/C or blower
no radio
truck bed liner on floor and under body
cooling fan
no wipers or washer pump
seat belts removed
custom rear interior paneling
wire tuck
flat black paint
trim changed to 90-91spec
custom cut OEM side skirts
custom front lip
battery kill switch
rolled fenders

Quite a list.

Dennis would like to thank:

Mom, Grandma, Rich, Wanda, Mikey and all the guys from ProFunction , Adam Jaabay and crew from WMHM &, Santos, Magic Mike, Steve, Ducky, Moe, Tiny, Cristos, TK, Ron&Fez, DANNY!!!, all my EF buddies

Mikey would like to thank the following

His dad

One6 motorsports

Pro Function Automotive

My good friends Steve, Peter, Dennis, and Santos


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Nov 14, 2008
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The 007
Good lookin clean cars. :likes:


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Mar 25, 2009
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The FB one is a little rough around the edges. Not bad for a track toy though. I've always had a sweet spot for EF hatches.

The writer of the article needs some literary upgrade.


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May 23, 2007
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I always enjoy that style of hatch :bigthumb:


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Oct 3, 2008
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Couldn't... rweally... tell you.

No idea. Maybe his AC?

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