metal sale - precious, collectible, explodey (ammo)


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Mar 2, 2008
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located in grayslake

super large 20 balboas panama coin, 50 oz ugly fine silver bar, 1993 proof set

queen elizabeth half dollar canucks, 0.2925 troy ounces silver per coin, 20 coins

jfk half dollars x 43 coins, years 1965-1970
1965-1970 Kennedy Silver Half Dollar Melt Value - Coinflation

loose plaque, probably from some set also, i don't have anything to weight it but let's just go for 1 oz sterling. then a franklin mint set of signers with documentation. 56 packaged sterling rounds. per ebay each is 1.04 troy oz. i have the set at 53.835 troy oz of silver.

50 state rounds, individually cased, from a franklin mint set but without all the surrounding stuff. sterling silver (92.5%) - by look/feel/sound same as other franklin mint sterling sets. can't tell which one exactly, don't have a year. i think it fair to call it 48.07 troy oz of silver.

also have a bunch of ammo (show foid plz k thnx)

federal champion 9mm 115 grain 50 rounds x 28 boxes

remington 9mm 115gr 250 round 9mm x 5 boxes

Winchester 22LR Xpert 36gr hv 500 rounds x 4 boxes

winchester wildcat 22 40gr 500 rounds x 1 box

PM with interests/offers or chat here and we can figure something, i didn't really try to price anything yet. looking for spot for silver and i don't know, something reasonable for the ammo.

it's all metal so obviously it is heavy. prefer to meet up in grayslake/lake county area - maybe other nw burbs like schaumburg, preferably for more than 1 half dollar if coming to you.

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