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TV Mayans M.C. [FX]


Sep 15, 2017
It’ll be 1/3 horrible dialogue, 1/3 ridiculous action scenes featuring point-blank machine gun fights resulting mass murder in the streets, cut to the participants (having gotten away with the previous slaughter) regrouping at the clubhouse stressing over how they’re gonna “get whole again” while slamming drinks and being waited on by nameless females (NOT any of the main “old ladies”), and the last 1/3 will be montages shots of murders, plot twists and deep contemplation by the current main character, accompanied by some lame pitter-patter acoustic guitar bullshit song sung by some wanna-be folksinger FX is promoting. Shoot me now!
I can’t wait for them to shoot an entire season in Ireland.

Oh, wait, this is about a Hispanic MC ...Barcelona?
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