many an action cam for sale


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Mar 2, 2008
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i have more cameras than i have any action, you need to buy some of them. warning, a bunch of highly documented slow driving abounds lol.

gopro hd hero - $10
The HD Hero shoots video at a maximum of 1080p 30fps, or 720p 60fps.
old, kinda sticky, really the best use of this camera is probably to submit it to gopro's trade up program so you can get a black 7 for the price of a silver 7. 2 gb SD card or maybe some bigger ones, or none if you just trade up. really i figure no one will want this and i will trade up to a second 7 black to sell/keep.

gopro hero 3 black - $60
12 MP sensor that can capture 4K UHD digital video at 15 fps, 2.7K video at 30 fps, 1440p at 48 fps, 1080p at 60 fps, 960p at 100 fps, 720p at 120 fps and WVGA at 240 fps. The Black edition also includes the WiFi Remote. 64 gb sandisk ultra micro sd. 1 battery. wifi controller, i never used it.

sample footage - both cameras are a 3 black

gopro hero 4 black - $130
hero 4 modes
this case has some foofy stuff on it i attached to disrupt the air, so you will pick up more from what you are doing, and less from wind noise. 64 gb sandisk extreme micro sd. 1 gopro battery 2 smartree batteries.
this is from the 4:

Feiyu G3 Ultra 3-axis Gimbal - $60 for gimbal, batteries, extension pole, and the 2 modified bar mounts (i paid $290 for just the gimbal which is not actually outdated or anything really)
this fits the 3 and 4 black both. the newer cameras are larger. not sure if an adapter is made or anything. i also have a carbon fiber extension pole, as well as charger and extra batteries. the gimbal works really well. i have some bar mounts which i used 2 of to mount to my helmet, and you can see how well the gimbal is working here. i have 9 batteries although 1 looks a little crusty. it uses 3 and lasts a while.

here it is mounted and you can see it working externally:

fixed mount camera vs. the gimbal:

real world application, i don't think you can find smoother karting video from anyone than this:

gopro 6 black - $240
available resolutions
i actually used this rarely, and appear to have uploaded videos never. tbh i'm not sure i ever actually used this once now that i really think about it.
basically virgin. the gps rate is i believe 18 hz. this means you get much smoother and more accurate data. here's someone's 6 mountain biking with this data overlay. 64 gb sandisk extreme plus micro sd.

garmin virb elite - $100
Image sensor: 16 MP, 1/2.3" CMOS
1920 × 1080; 30 fps
1 hz gps data

i used this one mostly for a second camera and the ability to get data when collecting data was less common. it is the secondary picture in picture camera in the karting video above. it is primary in this video; the gps map also looks a lot smoother because now the 1 hz data is laid out over a larger space. 16 gb pittasoft micro sd, not sure if this is what i used with it in the past, but probably fine for 1080p30. smaller disk than the others but these files are taking up way less space. 1 battery. 1 unused flat mount and 1 used but tacky slightly curved mount. i also have a gopro mount converter for it, so you can use any of the gopro mounts. these seem to have held value really well and be a favorite among bikers. i actually really like the big simple on off slide button - it is super nice.

808 #16 - $20
808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review - Version #16
lastly i have an 808 #16 keychain camera. i guess it is kind of a spy camera? popular for early drone guys. i used it as a foot camera. it has some velcro on it. 4 gb micro sd. version 16, lens D, and it's the real one not a fake one (ebay listings are $40 to $5 for 808 16v2)

i am consolidating to a gopro 7 in regards to data/smoothing/etc. the gopro 7 smootheness i think i overestimated though as it is definitely not as smooth as a gimbal, although it is impressive.


i have a bunch of elbows and mounts and such. there's 6 flat mounts and 4 curvy mounts. there's low and high connector/camera mounts. i have a bunch of elbows... only one was chewed on by a cat, but still seems perfectly usable. i guess you can have 1 of each for each gopro, note this is more than a new gopro actually gives you - the camera just comes on a single mount, and that is it (one of the pieces in the middle).

there is a gopro suction mount ($15), a composite ram gopro mount ($30), and a composite ram mount with a x-grip cell holder ($40), which i'll also toss into this thread. also a double socket extender with ball ($25)


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Sep 12, 2008
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Might be interested in the Hero 3 Black. Just something to attach to the car when I go to Woodward, etc...

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