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May 15, 2016
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Burns City, Indiana
What I am looking for is the passenger side upper mount that is from a supercharged 3800.
Well actually I need all the brackets and pulleys and idler/tensioners. The cost locally is unreal. IF AVAILABLE.
Also my curiosity is will 03 down work in 04 up?
I have looked at parts but numbers changes have eluded me as to what works and what wont.
I have 3 Powerbond balancers coming std, 5% and 10%. Guy had them on shelf as we were talking about his part number of a custom LT1 balancer from ATI with a custom shutter wheel milled in it.
Also is crank bolt same or different length?
As I have said some designation and numbers changes have left me confused. My normal go to site for crossing and updating GM pn is down for server work.
I have been trying to get all my ducks in a row.
Handsome Jesus has set of coated headers for sale I am interested in but he seems to think shipping would be difficult.
I figured wire them all together good, wrap in cardboard and tape well.
Would still be better than prices for new so far.
But some help locating pieces or maybe someone has something with stripped hole I can helicoil or a link to sourcing parts I need.
Been debating on injectors. Had offer of two sets of supposedly ID750s used but would need sent in for cleaning and service.

Also looked at just buying new/reman and take the chance.

hope all are having good Labor day weekend.

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