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General Information

Since I've been on this site for awhile now, I figured its time to post up the project I've been working on. Some of you may recognize the car. The previous owner raced it quite a bit and ran it in the IMSM series.

Here is my 90 Mustang LX hatchback:

Mod list:

-Stock block bored .040" over
-Stock crank
-Forged rods
-Forged pistons
-Balanced, machined, and assembled by Opel Engineering
-Edelbrock Performer RPM Heads
-Edelbrock Performer RPM II Intake
-Basically your typical stock block H/C/I SBF

-Freddy Brown Built AOD
-Manual valve body
-3200 RPM stall converter

Front Suspension:
-AJE K-member and A-Arms
-94/95 Mustang spindles
-Moroso Trick springs
-Lakewood 90/10 shocks
-UPR Castor/Camber plates

Rear Suspension:
-TRZ double adjustable upper control arms
-TRZ single adjustable lower control arms
-stock springs
-Lakewood 70/30 shocks

Chassis and Rearend:
-Welded full length subframe connectors
-Welded torque boxes
-Aluminum driveshaft and safety loop
-Custom 9" rear end
-Roll cage soon to be installed

-Maximum Motorsports manual conversion kit
-94 Cobra master cylinder
-Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve
-Maximum Motorsports braided lines
-99 to 04 GT brakes all around

Wheels and Tires:
-Chrome Pony R Wheels
-Rear: 17x10 with 275/40/17 M/T ET Street Radials
-Front: 17x5.5 (narrowed by Weldcraft) with M&H Racemaster Radial Front Runners

There are probably a few things I'm missing. I bought the car in December of 2009 and it's been a work in progress ever since. It was a solid well built car when I bought it, but it needed some work to make it street driveable.




How the engine bay looked when I first started working on it:

Teardown and preparation for cleaning up the engine bay:


Beginning to fill in all of the holes in the engine bay:




Engine bay all finished:

5 lug swap time:

94 spindles all cleaned up and new hubs installed:

Maximum Motorsports manual brake conversion with 94 Cobra master cylinder, and new UPR castor/camber plates:

Finishing installing new brakes up front:

Test fitting the new wheels

I've still got some work to go. Before spring I'm going to freshen up the rear end and I'm planning on installing a Holley EFI system. If I have enough time and funds left over, I want to install a roll cage of some sort since I'm planning on running at the drag strip quite a bit.

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Aug 27, 2013
South suburbs
So do you have some fabwork left, and then you are ready for tuning?
Yeah I still have some work left. I have to fab up the exhaust and the cold side still. I also have to finish welding everything. So far everything is mostly just tacked together. I think I'm past the hardest part though. Just making everything on the hot side fit was the biggest challenge.

I still have to run fuel lines, wire up and plumb the boost control, and figure out oil plumbing with a scavenge pump.


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Aug 27, 2013
South suburbs
I still haven't pushed this car into the Cal Sag, although I have considered it a few times. I ran into one minor setback, but I'm moving forward again. I had to cut out and redo the mid plate mounting tabs because I didn't like the driveline angle when I put the transmission in for mock up.

Changing the angle of the engine moved the turbos slightly and changed the angle of the down pipes a little bit. The driver's side down pipe is fine. I'll have to modify the passenger side downpipe a little bit, but shouldn't be much of an issue.

Last night I started making the driver's side exhaust. I'm just running the exhaust straight back into a pair of Borla XR1s in the stock location and dumping it before the rear axle. As much as I would like to run tailpipes, there's no way I can fit 3.5" over axle pipes with the anti roll bar I have. For the sake of time and ease of assembly/disassembly, I'm not going to make an X or H pipe. If it sounds like crap, I can later figure out a way to merge the mid pipes. From the little research I've done there's no benefit to a crossover mid pipe after twin turbos, other than it may improve sound.





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Aug 27, 2013
South suburbs
How often do you plan to take the car to the track ? Or is this more street ?
As often as I can, but realistically it will get to the track 3-5 times per year. I'll be able to drive it on the street a little bit.

I mainly just like to build stuff. I took on this twin turbo project because I wanted to improve my fabrication skills and get more comfortable with TIG welding. I could have stuck with nitrous as a power adder, but I wanted to learn something new.


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Aug 27, 2013
South suburbs
You might be surprised how streetable it is, I have driven my '67 about 14 hours on the street since last fall. I figure that's gotta be 500 miles.
That was another big reason why I chose a twin turbo setup. I went with a somewhat mild hydraulic roller cam and kept compression around 9.4:1 so I can run 93 octane on low boost if I want to cruise on the street. I'd love to be able to cruise in it on nice days.


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Aug 27, 2013
South suburbs
Hot side and exhaust fab is complete. Time to start fully welding everything. I'm glad to be done buying stainless steel for now. The weekly orders to Stainless Bros were really nickel and diming me.

I'm really happy how this came out for my first time doing any major fab work and it's been rewarding seeing my welding skills improve.