Levolor Real Wood 2" Blinds


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Jan 17, 2007
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Garfield Park
I figure I'd try TCG first to see if anyone is looking for wood blinds. I bought these from Lowes and had them custom ordered for my specs.

These are Outside Mount 2" Real Wood Blinds meaning they mount to the wall or you could theoretically mount them to your window casing if the width was perfect.

I mounted one blind for all of 5 minutes and hence why I am selling these is that my wife didn't like how they mounted to the wall. My mistake for not taking her along I guess.


  • Real Wood
  • Options: Cordless and Lightmaster (less light)
  • Dimension 79.25 H x 50" L
  • Color: Pure White
  • New-One mounted for mock up, one still wrapped in the box

I paid over $200 each for these at Lowes and I have two total for sale.

Price: $75 each

More details on the particular blinds: https://www.blinds.com/p/levolor-2-premium-wood-blind/503439

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