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Jun 28, 2007
We had voles for a few weeks. I just bought a couple mouse traps and put them along the base of the house. I caught both of them within a day or two. I felt terrible for them, but they can do so much damage to the grass.

And now I have to research how to care for St Augustine grass. It doesn't grow from a seed. You either have to get new sod or buy plugs. And apparently I don't have much of a greenthumb with their care yet because our lawn doesn't look that great. We have an irrigation system and I still have lots of browned/dead spots. Worst case scenario, I bite the bullet and pay $50/month for lawn care.


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Aug 27, 2013
South suburbs
What are these purple flowers sprouting up all over my backyard? Should I un-alive them with weed killer? And why is my grass starting to grow in February? Mother nature is drunk.