Lamborghini LP640 Initial Impressions - a Exclusive :)



This is my 5th and most powerful Lamborghini....The Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 (LP referring to the engine position - Longitudinale Posteriore, and 640 referring to the crank horsepower.. Displacement is approx 6.5 litres and 640 HP @ 8.000 rpm. Factor specs are 0 to 60 in 3.4 sec, and 1/4 mi at 11.4.

The only other previous Lamborghini I can compare this to is the Murcielago Roadster I had. The LP640 has a bolder stance due to the masive assymetrical airducts as in a jet fighter (the passenger's side is nearly closed while the driver's side has a larger opening for the LP specific oil cooler.) There rear also has a tail diffuser thats lacking on the predecessing Murcielago models. Other visual differences/enhancements are the new bumpers front and back, integrated single exhaust pipe and revised rear LED propeller style lights. Also redesigned are the rear view mirrors and windshield wipers that feature improved aerodynamics, and new light-alloy wheels in "Hermera" design, powdercoated black from the factory. The glass cover for the 12 –cylinder engine is an option and only increases the menacing effect.

The interior has the optional Quitera diamond pattern stitching - Cross Quilted and padded Leather. The quilt diamond pattern is also carried along the headliner, rather with black alcantara.

This Balloon White pearl LP640 is equiped with "e-gear," Lamborghinis trademark version of Ferrari's F1. The LP640 shares the same hardware for the e-gear with the Enzo's F1, however the software in control is programmed by Audi.

The V12 is increased to 6.5 liters as aforementioned for increase in power. Furthermore, everything else has been improved technically: wheels, suspension, transmission, brakes. The LP 640 has another 60 HP over the ‘standard’ 6.2 litre model – an improvement achieved by boring and stroking, new cylinder heads, a new crank and a new exhaust. , 4 bosch throttlebodies, and other improvements increasing throttle response, and increasing the top speed to 211, compared to the predecessing Murcielago's 205 limit.

Starting the car is a pleasure in itself, with the increasing alpha audible effect of the precrank whine, then the 12 cylinders igniting.

The car is much more nimble than my previoius roadster, though almost comparable in weight. The improved steering response and drivetrain, make the LP easier to toss around at highway speeds. There’s also the ultimate reassurance of the proven VT all-wheel-drive system. The Gallardo however, is substantially more nimble than the LP640.

Acceleration is brutal and instant. With the SPORT mode on, the upshifting is near instant, and downshifting matches revs perfectly. I was trying to drive moderately sensibly as I still need to break in the motor, as I didn't want to redline the car. I was shifting at about 5500RPM, and the car was just sprinting with rediculus thrust between shifts. HOWEVER, heading south on 355 just pass the toll booth by North avenue, I could see all angles yet the road was straight into the future....I just decided to "why not" my self and test out my 3rd gear dissapearing act. THe LP sprinted each gear to 8200RPM, reaching 195 in no time. The only car I've seen sprint faster than this was my Heffner Twin Turbo Ford GT to 225 before I soiled my pants. Concerted efforts of Audi's shifting programs and the variable valve timing enhances the exhaust note, yet varying it from a deep growl from hell to a near Formula 1 symphony at high RPM's. This is the fastest "Factory production car" I have ever driven. As far as handling goes, I do not have the courage to toss this investment around twisty back roads. I am not as confident as I am in the 997 Turbo, GT2, or especially the Ford GT. From exit ramp experiences in my predecessing Murci roadster, the car is understeer happy due to the rear-biased fore-and-aft torque distribution, so sorry, no review here on the turns.

Very limted in fun until the weather breaks, and when that happens, more on the LP with videos and images.
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May 23, 2007
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do i get a ride? i need to make a comparisson review


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May 23, 2007
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Avondale, AZ
:bowdown: Nice write up. I vote YOU to be the new american top gear host. :bigthumb:


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May 24, 2007
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Nice review. I love when people like yourself drive these exotic cars like they are supposed to be driven. Most exotics seem like they sit in the garage there whole life or get driven around normally like there pieces of art. Which in a sense they are, but they have all this power for a reason.



Jun 1, 2007
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I don't feel this review is accurate, let me take it for a spin i'll let you know if your on point.


Very nice Shank. I definately need a ride in that ASAP.


I need a ride....and a run. As soon as my car's done its on.........see if the infiniti can do to the LP640 what the cobra did to the G lol......
Nice writeup


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Jul 8, 2007
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Riding the Hubble
This is my 5th and most powerful Lamborghini....
this line got me :rofl:

amazing, you have some really nice cars, and wow i would love to see what it feels like to go 225mph... thats crazy! i think 135 is fast!


Props to a kickass review and an awesome garage

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