TV L.A.'s Finest (Bad Boys TV spinoff)


El Presidente
May 23, 2007
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ad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Apparently, release a trailer for a new Bad Boys spin-off TV series. The series titled L.A.’s Finest will stream on Spectrum Originals this May 13. Spectrum is a big-name cable provider. The company was formed out of the 2016 merger of Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable (TWC), and Bright House Networks. Initially, Spectrum will offer 3 episodes up front, and later episodes will release weekly on Mondays. The series is the first step for Spectrum towards producing original content.
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence won’t be reprising their roles as Officers Mike Lowry or Marcus Burnett. However, one Bad Boys star will be back in the spotlight. Actress Gabrielle Union is reprising her role from the 2003 sequel Bad Boys 2, directed by Michael Bay AKA Master of Explosions. The character Syd played a key role in the Bad Boys 2 storyline as the undercover DEA agent and sister to Lawrence’s Marcus Barnett character. The storyline for L.A.’s Finest will follow Syd as she works as an LAPD detective. Union won’t be alone in the fight against crime. Fantastic Four’s Jessica Alba will play her new partner.

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