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May 2, 2011
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UTim Stieve posted in Team Shelby Great Lakes Region.

Tim Stieve 4:31pm Sep 1
We want your cars...and drivers too!
As part of the Kenny Brown 25th Anniversary Celebration at Putnam Park Road
Course (Greencastle, IN), Sept 9-11, 2011, we are making this "Show and Go With
Kenny Brown Performance" offer to local and regional car clubs.
The Offer:
For every six (6) members of your club that register their cars for the Kenny Brown 25th
Anniversary Event Car Show, the club will get one (1) FREE, one-day Driving School entry to
use as you see fit. (give-away, raffle/auction as a club fund raiser, etc).
Get 12 club members to register for the car show and the club will receive 2 one-day driving
school entries or 1 two-day entry. For every additional six club members that register their
show cars, the club will receive one additional one-day driving school entry - the more cars
that show, the more cars that go!
Paid Car Show Participants / FREE Driving School Entry
6 car show entries / 1 one-day driving school
12 car show entries / 2 one-day or 1 two-day entries (driving school)
18 car show entries / 3 one-day entries (driving school)
24 car show entries / 4 one-day or 2 two-day entries (driving school)
Car Show Entry Fee:
Car show entries: $25 per car
Driving School entry: $195 value (one-day), $350 value (two-day)
Kenny Brown Serialized Vehicles (Mustangs, Crown Vic / Marauder, Explorer, etc) Yes, there's
a special place for all Kenny Brown cars in the car show.
Hurry! This is a very limited time offer... the event is Sept 9-11, 2011. Please contact
Jeff Lacina for additional information or with questions. [email protected] or call
913/927-3740 – central time.
Event info here:
Register for the car show (and driving school) online here:
Kenny Brown 25th Anniversary Celebration | KENNYBROWN.COM

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Mar 13, 2004
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And don't forget about the free root beer floats at 2pm on Sat/Sun.

I'm signed up for track time on both days.

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May 26, 2004
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I would love to do this but my brakes on this Taurus would probably be mush on the 3rd turn. I'm going to Byron for Saturday the 10th. Have a good time.

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