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Hello everyone,

I haven't posted in a while but I thought I'd share my winter project.

I have a 1995 Miata that will be getting the k24a2 out of a 2008 Acura TSX.

K power industries is local to IL and makes a package that includes most of what's needed.

Does it make sense monetarily? Probably not, but that's cars. Hopefully it will be greater than the sum of its parts.

So, I got the motor from a junkyard and started tearing it down to replace the oil pump and timing components. This was for pan clearance and just general maintenance.

The rsx type s oil pump can handle higher revs and the adaptor is for clearance as you will see later it will sit weird.





Got the exhaust clearanced and back together. Car seems to be running as it was.

No drips.

Guess I can attempt to autocross again this weekend and find out I suppose....

Also someone got video of the car running the course with the googly eyes. Really hoping the video would pop up on the FB group so I could share it.
Man, you gotta get that Mspec tune, he's literally the best in country. Pain in the ass to do it again but you won't have to do it again after he works his magic.

Is he tuning again?

From what I heard he was dealing with medical shit.

Finally took off the old side motor mount.

Couldn't remember why I left it on. Then remembered the bolts weren't threaded very long so I couldn't just cut off the extra.

Trip to ace hardware racing it is.

I had also finally determined where my "tire" was rubbing at Autocross yesterday.

My mudflaps are set to self clearance on the ground mode and that's the noise I've been hearing the whole time. lmao

Looking at dropping the car off next weekend.

The bucking has stopped, but it's still a little fucky in the 1 to 2k rpm range on cold starts.

Also when people saw my dyno sheet they said there shouldn't be a dip and that my vtec probably isn't set up optimally.

So hopefully things go well with Mikey.

Nah I'm too busy tinkering lmao.

Today's project was fixing the shaking rearview mirror.

It's essentially only held on with a spring clip, but it's aligned with a chunk of plastic that had two screws in it and both those screws were loose.

Put a lil drip of blue loctite on there.

I think the next move is to move to decent dot 4 fluid.

My brakes were getting mushy just at Autocross.
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