🔧 BUILD K swap miata

General Information

Hello everyone,

I haven't posted in a while but I thought I'd share my winter project.

I have a 1995 Miata that will be getting the k24a2 out of a 2008 Acura TSX.

K power industries is local to IL and makes a package that includes most of what's needed.

Does it make sense monetarily? Probably not, but that's cars. Hopefully it will be greater than the sum of its parts.

So, I got the motor from a junkyard and started tearing it down to replace the oil pump and timing components. This was for pan clearance and just general maintenance.

The rsx type s oil pump can handle higher revs and the adaptor is for clearance as you will see later it will sit weird.





Was buzzed after a long week at work and felt like tinkering.

Moved my dumb GPS speedo to the a pillar for a slightly cleaner look.

It is some Amazon GPS speedo cause I'm anal and like having a digital speedo. I think it's meant for boating but it fucking makes me laugh every time I start the car as it flashes POS.

Had to take the the whole center console out and Tombstone which is only like 7 screws. Found out why my shifter felt wonky. The bolts were backing out. Threw some locktite on em and we're all good.

Except the rasp lol.


Gonna try adjusting my tps sensor. Need to make sure it's reading a specific voltage at close and see if maybe that's why I'm getting bucking at low low throttle input.

Also turns out moving my gauge pod totally stopped the cluster hood from vibrating since all the weight wasn't hanging off of it. Don't feel any need to swap the motor mounts anymore lol
Okay upped the closed blade voltage a hair to middle of the accepted range. Also changed min max readings per the swap kits instructions.

I flipped flopped on adjusting the min max readings cause I heard from some people not to do that, but fuck it if I'm having all the same issues may as well do as the Romans.

Either way currently back to no more bucks or jerking.

Gave it a well deserved vacuum and wash too.

Those wilwoods we're making a lot of dust lol.

Also turns out the photographer was at the event yesterday.

7in googly eyes are one of my best Amazon purchases.


Yes, I did hit that cone but that run was already ruined some dude ran out in front of my car and I got a rerun

Edit: the photographer informed me that the cone stayed in the box, so I would've been good, but my run got fucked up anyway lol.
I've never seen those eyes before :rofl: With those pictures GD-it if I didn't laugh my ass off.

The last few times I've done it for autocross the guys who would photograph were always in my same heat.

Finally they were in a different one lmao. I frantically searched through hundreds of photos and got real excited when I started recognizing cars that were next to me in the staging lanes. Just need someone to get video now.