🔧 BUILD JFish's 98 Camaro SS

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Been thinking about doing this for a while and finally decided to pull the trigger. It's nothing special or as bad ass as most of you guys but trying to be part of the community and share. And as of now I don't have any other real plans for it, but I do have most of the pictures I saved from when I was doing stuff.
So the story begins...
I had gotten divorced and wanted a fun car again, I knew what I wanted and had been on the lookout, low and behold I found this gem on LS1Tech for sale in Michigan. with my budget I wanted something decent but didn't want to break the bank, pictures online looked super nice and as long as it was as nice as it was in the pictures it was a done deal. Had my buddy drive me up to Michigan with an envelope full of cash. And the car was way beyond what I ever anticipated getting for myself, and super low miles (31,600 at the time of sale), so I picked it up and drove it home.

Few pictures of the listing, and one when I stopped at McDonalds on the way back home, then finally in the garage.

98 SS.jpg







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Nov 11, 2019
Winfield, Il.
Did you do the control arms in front of the axle too? Those along with the panhard bar and torque arm made a huge difference in wheel hop and body roll on mine
I did do the rear lower control arms, that is yet to come...LOL
trying to post in order that I did things.
Gonna take a break for tonight, more to come
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