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I am now the 3rd owner of this 1,960 mile 2020 Twister Orange cookie cutter GT. It is a premium 401a car with performance pack, A10, active exhaust, Recaro seats, and the Bang & Olufson sound system. Car has the digital instrument cluster which I love!

A little history on the car....first owner bought the car and brought it to Lebanon Ford @122 miles. Lebanon Ford then installed a Whipple stage 2 kit, id1050x injectors, MMR billet oil pump and crank gears, and the Corsa active exhaust. This owner sold the car in May of last year with about 700 miles.

Owner 2 is a total gear head. Guy has worked for ZF Group for 25+ years and his hobby is building street cars. The shop he had on his property was fricken awesome. Id say it was about 50' x 100' and had 3 lifts with an upstairs office loft. Anyways, this guy bought the car and installed a Fore fuel system, 3.15 pumpkin, TSP longtubes, and some BMR vertical links and cradle lockout. He then had Lund tune it with an nGuage. Says he had it at the track in October and it went 9.8 @ 146 on a 2nd gear leave.

My immediate plans are to lower it about an inch, and get some street wheels. I kept my old Billet Specialties drag setup so Im good there. Next winter I'll have the A10 built and turn it up a bit.


Jimy Bilmo

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Aug 16, 2005
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Pressure Ratio

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Nov 11, 2005
Glen Ellyn
Those 5 spokes look good, these wheel snobs can suck it lol
The spokes look fine. The center of the wheel looks like it belongs on a Hotwheels car. The GT350R wheel has a nice deep center compared to these.

"These are the worst-looking wheel I've ever saw. Wadda, ya buy a wheel like that I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh? (Sees them on Jeffs FRC Jeffs FRC car) Oh, it looks good on your car though" Jeffs FRC Jeffs FRC

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I love that scene hahah
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Jeffs FRC

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Aug 10, 2006
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Those 5 spokes look good, these wheel snobs can suck it lol
Seriously. One of them overpaid BC Forged to make the same wheels he already had. The other joker has Steeda Tridents on his Porsche. And let's not forget about the biggest broke dick here Dr Jumbo...that clown has a set of fucking Vossens on some kind of VAG car. This is definitely a situation where I need to see what opinions are coming from who...lol.