Istalled a 75mm Throttle body, How do I adjust idle? (2001 MGM)


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Jul 2, 2010
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I've done a ton of other mods to my 01 MGM and recently I added a BBK 75mm throttle body. The response and passing power are great. Problem is, after it warms up the idle is a lot higher than it needs to be. I've been told there is no adjustment for this but I know everyone that has changed out throttle bodies does not deal with this high idle issue. How do I back it down? I just joined this site so I haven't built a profile yet but here's a short list of a few mods:

Stainless duel exhaust, "H" pipe with series 40 Flowmasters and 3 inch tips
Accel high output coil packs
"E3" Plugs
Cold-Air intake
Xcal3 tuner (Custom tune by Lonnie at BOC)
Air Lift, airbags in rear
Blisten shocks all around
Drill and Slotted Zinc coated rotors with cereamic pads all around
18x9 Carrol Shelby Cobra GT 5 stars with 2 inch offset (Grey wheel with polished lip) wrapped in Kuhmo tires.

There's more but mostly cosmetic. I think that is all the perforamnce type mods.

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