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Oh Hai
Dec 11, 2007
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Wheeling, IL
Hey guys,

Well, I have a 2003 Cobra, with an IRS Leak. The leak is minor, and only films over my garage floor, and is barely 2 drops a day, give or take.

However, I've tried to have it fixed a couple of times, and it keeps leaking. So, I think it is time for a new diff. girdle.

However, I have a Billetflow IRS Brace, and am wondering one thing.

Are there any IRS Girdles that are Stronger than OEM, that work with the IRS Billetflow Brace, and don't cost a small fortune.

I was looking at one from Americanmuscle, but do not know if the BF IRS Brace will bolt up to it like it will with the OEM one.

Mustang Cobra 8.8in Aluminum IRS Rear End Girdle System (99-04) at - Free Shipping!

Does anyone know if the one from AM will work, or if there is another one?

Otherwise, I will probably end of selling the Brace.

Thanks guys!



Cobra Brigade Mad Scientist
Jul 8, 2009
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i have the lpw rear cover on my 8.8 sra and their brace kit and have had no issues. that lpw cover is the brace for the irs, so the bf one is not needed.

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