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Sep 19, 2010
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I was at the auction tonight and picked up an induction cooker. Can you guys edjumucate me on how they work?

I know how they work, not how to best cook with them though.

They work via magnetic fields so anything you use basically has to be a iron or other metal that a magnet can stick to.

They switch the fields almost like an electric motor would, except instead of using the fields to rotate a shaft, they switch back and forth fast. Which heats things up.

Best visual example of what induction heating can do. And also kind of badass.

Same idea here. Magnetic fields hold the rod in place while switching back and forth which eventually melts the metal rod.

I would be wary of wearing any ferrous metal near an induction heater. But maybe thats just me being paranoid.


Go ahead. I'll catch up.
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Mar 1, 2004
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Thanks. That makes sense.

I watched some youtube vids and saw that the induction field is versatile. You can set your temp. exactly so you can slow cook or fry. There is also a program feature for setting different temps during the cook or setting a delay in start time. You can also cook a meal and have it switch to any warming temp. I saw them melt chocolate at 120* and keep it melted for as long as they wanted without burning. The sear setting heats the pan to 575*.

I have the frying pan that came with the induction coils and I have plenty of cast iron pans I can use. Might have to pick up some steel frying pans. or maybe a grill pan. If a magnet sticks to the pan the induction should work.

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