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Jun 23, 2011
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Bartlett, IL
Russia Built Another Crazy Off-Roader—And They Want to Take it to the North Pole

This is not same as other one... This one is even more badass..

Looks like those wacky Russians are at it again. If you liked the ‘Sherp‘ we featured a few weeks ago, then you’re bound to love this ‘Burlak,’ which looks pretty much like a ‘Sherp’ on steroids. Because it is.

It was built out of admiration for the ‘Sherp,’ but takes off-roading even more to the extreme with an extra axle and a taller ride height. It can pretty much go anywhere, do anything, and run over anyone, if it so pleases. Watch the video and see for yourself.

But it wasn’t just built for fun (though, it looks fun as hell). Some people have big plans for Russia’s new home-built SUV. Founders of the Automotive Transartctic Expedition want to two of them to the North Pole and show off their new toys to Santa Claus. Considering it has a shower, a kitchen, and bunks, it doesn’t seem all the ridiculous.

Another ‘Burlak’ will eventually be built, and the expedition is set to take place in 2018.

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