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BUILD IceCreamAssassin's Turbo Coprice goes to the dyno and makes some jam - 1000 WHP here we come

Lead Pipe

See what happens Larry
Nov 4, 2010
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When I doubt, throttle out
TCG Blue
Jan 28, 2011
How is the Loudvalve cutout working for you IceCreamAssassin IceCreamAssassin ?

Is yours boost activated?
So far it’s been great, it is boost activated. Starts opening around 3psi. I’ve heard people being blown out though if you run a two step. I haven’t had mine that long with the two step though so I haven’t seen any issues. It nice to not have to hit a switch to open it up when I want to get rowdy, but sometimes I wish I had a regular one so I could have it open at idle.