🔧 BUILD IceCreamAssassin's Turbo Coprice goes to the dyno and makes some jam - 1000 WHP here we come

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So I guess I’ll back up a little first. Near the end of last summer I had some dollars saved up and called Bob at next gen to ask what he suggested. Well he basically said to give him dollars and he would give me four digits. So I got an iron block 6.0 with just basic bitch built bottom end and ordered a 78/80 turbo. Well of course I waited till late winter to even start the project and by then as we all know things took longer to get done. My cousin who is a mechanic at BlackDog speed shop helped me a bunch and Bob is awesome with answering all my late texts and calls for help to questions.

So basically I have:
-built bottom end
-bigger injectors
-resurfaced heads
-new fancy lifters and pushrods
Other than that everything is basically the same motor wise. I also changed the diff, put in beefy motor and trans mounts, and V6 brakes to help clear the future 15” wheels.
When I went to install the new turbo there was a small issue which I needed to send it back for, so I decided to just have Bob tune it with the current turbo and then we can compare it with the new one once that is done.

Cliffs: same turbo, built-ish motor, all the boosts.

On 93 I had him be really conservative in case I can only find 91 while out taking trips and she made 557whp

Then was time for the fun E85 stuff and man am I super happy with this car and how everything turned out. With the baby 75/76 turbo she ripped 978whp. It’s easily over 1000hp if I was to take the air filter off or put real exhaust on the car. I’m so pumped with the car right now.



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Jan 28, 2011
How is the Loudvalve cutout working for you IceCreamAssassin IceCreamAssassin ?

Is yours boost activated?
So far it’s been great, it is boost activated. Starts opening around 3psi. I’ve heard people being blown out though if you run a two step. I haven’t had mine that long with the two step though so I haven’t seen any issues. It nice to not have to hit a switch to open it up when I want to get rowdy, but sometimes I wish I had a regular one so I could have it open at idle.

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