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Holy fuck I love this car!

Woke up yesterday and took my little guy to summer camp (2 days a week, he needs the activity) then shot down to DuPage CDJR to look at a Hemi Orange Tow n Go with 14k on it………NOPE!!!!! Wheels were trashed from being curbed, brake dust ate away at the barrels, wheels were almost to the wear bars and the brake pads were literally paper thin. Like I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it all the way home thin. The rest of the car gave off a “I didn’t care about it” vibe and the squirrels in my head told me to leave so I did.

Off to St Charles CDJR to look at a destroyer grey TnG with SRT seating minus the blacktop package………….long story short I got a call from my sons camp that he got popped in the face with something and he was bleeding, I knew the dealer wasn’t going to drop price much off MSRP so I used my kids loose tooth as the perfect excuse to peace out. Kid was ok but his tooth is way loose and the tooth fairy should be here soon.

Decided to say fuck it for the day and go get my kid early and stayed off 59 because I hate 59 and I ended up driving up Naperville Rd which dumps out at Elgin CJDR. Light turns green and I say “Oh hell why not!” and drive into their lot.

Half a dozen Tow n Go Durangos of varying colors and packages and prices, I ask Mr sales guy to grab keys for a white one and a destroyer grey that are $1,000 different. Grey had leather seating, white had the SRT seating, grey was $1k more.

Me “Why is the grey a thousand more when the white has the thousand dollar seat upgrade?”
Him “Because of the color! It’s a hot color!”
Me “So you up charge the destroyer grey for a grand when it’s a $400 paint option?!? That math doesn’t math for me! Let’s see what we can do with the white one!”

I have to hand it to the guy for trying so hard to upsell me even after I told him I worked in dealerships for a long time. I told him off the bat I didn’t want any extra actual bullshit dealer add on packages, I want the out the door price and everything else I’ll discuss with the finance person. He tried, lord knows he tried and he upped the amount for my trade in to a deal I couldn’t refuse, tried one more time to sell me an interior and exterior protection package and said the near fatal words “What do I have to do to get you into this car today?”

I grab a pen and cross off the $2300 protection package, $600 GOV fee (a what?!?) and adjust the DOC fees to $358.03 which is the max allowable in Illinois. He did the new math, we agreed, he brought over the finance manager (after I told him a dozen times I don’t discuss financing with salesmen) and the finance guy asks me “How much are you planning on putting down today?”

Me “All of it.” Salesmans shoulders drop and he literally looks like someone just punched him in the gut.

Finance guy “You’re paying cash? Well you don’t need me.” And off he goes to eat more pizza.
Forever later because now sales guy is super pissed he dropped all the money off the front end, boosted my trade in and now he ain’t making shit on the back end of the deal. I deal with a different finance person who’s a pretty cool woman with Nightmare Before Christmas inked sleeves while the porter takes almost an hour to not wash my car (I told them not to wash it).

Now onto my brand new, now shiny because I washed it (waiting for ceramic coat to come this week) 2024 Durango RT TnG Blacktop package with all the SRT goodies and a fuck ton of brake dust from the Brembo pads. The exhaust isn’t even that loud in the garage on cold starts and it sounds fucking amazing while driving, quiet when it should be, screams like a raped ape when you hit the happy pedal. SRT seats have the perfect amount of bolstering, cooling function is fantastic and my wife loves it (so far).





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Jan 12, 2010
FWIW the “mod list” is pretty much done.

Tint the windows sometime soon
Wheel locks (ordered)
Splash guards (ordered)
IGLA PIN code anti theft and Compustar alarm getting installed Tuesday, VIN covered up until then.
Key fob sleeps in a faraday cage.
Already tinted the amber front marker reflector.
Interior protectant for the alcantara seat sections ordered.
Waiting to see how much I can tolerate the excessive brake dust (it’s bad) and I have to find alternatives.

Most I’m doing as far as “mods” is maybe putting a catch can on it.

I did happen to get exceptionally lucky and got a space saver spare wheel and tire off a Trackhawk that MSRP is $1700 for just the wheel that I lucked into for $220. After tonight’s baseball party I’ll be finding a used tire lift, scissor jack, tools and all needed retainers along with the heat shields.

Got this for $220 cash.


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Jan 12, 2010
Nice these look great. Have they been updated at all through the years? How much off sticker did you get?
The dashboard got an update for 2021 with a 10” screen and the Uconnect system is marked as one of if not the best infotainment systems on the market plus all the necessary functions for volume, HVAC, seat heater/cooler have actual buttons and can go through the screen as well. It has smart cruise/lane assist….whatever the fuck it’s called but chances are I’ll never use it as I never use cruise control. Chimes when approaching intersections with red light cameras, wireless charging, wireless CarPlay and a bunch more stuff I have no idea about.

Base price was $57,270
MSRP as equipped was $70,550
I paid out the door just under $58K


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Jan 12, 2010
Nice pick up. I like the new Durangos. The chassis is a bit long in the tooth but they still ride and handle well, look pretty nice with the right color combos and they have plenty of amenities. Looks like you grabbed a good one. Enjoy!
The ride is very car like but technically it is a big car/crossover because it’s not on a an actual frame. Even in track mode the adaptive suspension is better than my Escalade was on its best day.
Awesome congrats! Sell the caddy yet?
Caddy got traded in because they offered me just enough money to make it worth it vs selling private. I was in the process of taking the cargo cover out for you and the spring launched itself partially out the side.


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Aug 4, 2010
Safety and security day! Got the IGLA passcode and Compustar alarm with tracking, neutral release cover and wheel locks installed today.
Can it still be stolen? Yes
Is it going to be a huge pain in the ass to steal? Very much yes.
Not with a tow truck lol.
Congrats man, I’m a huge fan of the white without the chrome
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