I am in the market for a 03-04 very soon and had a few q's about blower pulleys


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Aug 7, 2006
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Whats the most popular pulley set, and tuner to get for these cars? Also is it worth doing a TB, and mass air when just doing a tune and a pulley swap. I am thinking of going with a billitflow set which one should I go with and what power gains should I see. My plan for this season with the car when I get it will be exhaust, shifter, and pulley and tune, then go from there next season......let me know thanks,



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Mar 1, 2004
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2.76 and 2.93 are popular BilletFlow sizes. Throttle body money can probably be better spent elsewhere. You can send yours down to Stiegemeier for porting and get most of the gains for a fraction of the price.

I have an XCalibrator 2 that does the job OK for tuning. It stores 3 tunes plus the stock tune. There is an improved version out now. With a 2.76 BF pulley and a stage 3 ported blower, I just dynoed 497.8 rwhp. Ported blower is probably worth 30 or 40 hp of that so you can figure middle 400s with a pulley and tune.

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