Hyundai Kona Arrives


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Mar 1, 2004
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Looking for an inexpensive subcompact SUV? The new Hyundai Kona may be worth taking a look at.

Price starts around $20K and goes up to $29K with a 175 hp motor and 7 speed trans.

The Kona starts at $20,480 and is one of the smallest SUVs, but can accommodate four adults more than just fine in its surprisingly spacious and high quality cabin. The cargo area isn’t the biggest, but the rear seats fold down to expand it with a perfectly flat surface. The standard engine is a 147 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder and all-wheel-drive costs $1,300.

It’s equipped with a standard backup camera and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration in this configuration, but move up the trim levels and things start to get very interesting.
The 2018 Hyundai Kona is better because it's late | Fox News

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Apr 6, 2005
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With my DD at the dealership for warranty work and my long commute, I have put 2500 miles on a Kona, 147 hp (dealer demo).

It’s small and feminine in appearance

Ave 32 - 35 mpgs, acceleration is lacking but keeps up with expressway speeds no problem

Brakes are ok, handling is good

A/C is decent, windows fog easy

Good comfort, everything is easy to work / within reach

Driven up to 4 hours in bumper/bumper traffic with no back / leg pain or fatigue

Easy to drive, good visibility, but the blind spot warning detection is hit or miss

Rear storage is decent

Some road noise but think that is partially due to cheap tires from factory

Reminds me of a taller, more user friendly, Elantra

New for low $20k w/ AWD and 10 yrs / 100k warranty it’s hard to beat as an affordable daily commuter.


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Sep 19, 2010
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I'm sorry, all I can see is the Pontiac Aztek with those plasticy wheel arches.

The rest of the styling is okay, but I wish the entire car were body colored.


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Sep 12, 2008
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The one I saw on East Side Dr. in Geneva Saturday night actually had a nice set of wheels on it, but yea, very much a small and feminine method of conveyance.


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Aug 3, 2007
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My wife and I turned in our leased Sonata and we got my wife a Kona SEL in blue. It actually looks like the posted pic.

I'm sorry, all I can see is the Pontiac Aztek with those plasticy wheel arches.

The rest of the styling is okay, but I wish the entire car were body colored.
No. Absolutely dont call this an Aztek. It looks a lot different in person, and the color contrast makes it look sharp IMO.

Since its the SEL, its the basic 2.0 non turbo, so it does accelerate a bit slow, but as stated. Once its moving, its not bad.

The blind spot detection is also in my 18 Sonata, and seems to be spot on, and from my couple times driving the Kona, it seems/feels about the same.

My wife loves it though. I think it looks cool. I wish we got the ultimate with the 1.6 turbo and the HUD, but its only a lease, so maybe next time. Or we just get another car all together.

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