How to make liquid metal...(56 pics)



I had the pleasure of doing my first full detail of 2008 yesterday. I was running on an hour and a half of sleep :D {thumbup} :crap: .

The car is a 2006 Apex Silver IX GSR. A pretty well kept car and EXCELLENT gentle man of an owner made for a pleasant detail for me.

This is a Chicago car, and it had quite a few scuffs scraches the that owner never knew abour...nor did he ever have the chance to see them once I was done ;).

He also asked me to debadge and de-sidespat the car as well.

Onto the Process:

Clay with Zaino Clay and Sonus Ultrafine
Menzerna IP/Green Polishing Pad/Speed 6 (x2 on hood and trunk, x3/4/5 on areas with scathcing/scuffs)
Menzerna FPII/Green Polishing Pad/Speed 6
Poorboy's EX-P/Blue Pad/Speed 3
Pinnacle Souveran by Hand
Flitz by and on whoe exhaust canister
Sprayway Glass Cleaner on Windows

Engine Bay:
Simple Green Automotive/Water/Glod Class Car Wash and brushes, sponges, towels
303 Aerospace Everywhere

10:1 APC on everything
Leather Cleaned via 4 Star Gel
4 Star Leather Conditioner, x2 on driver's seat
303 Aerospace on ALL Interior vinyl

Hope you like it, too bad the pics are only in my garage :crap:

Befores, and check out the weather outside:




Mitch nice job, is this the evo you stole those stock engine parts for your car, and the interior trim you swaped with your faded scratched pieces? if so, still looks good.


That's the one! I even got to switch my burned ECU harness with him as part payment for me, so I finally have an evo that wont break randomly on the road!!!

Love ya Shank :rofl:

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