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Mar 3, 2008
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Pingree Grove IL
I'd like to sell these items together... likely not worth the gas for either party to separate.
1st, Bollinger dumbbells. Pictured with the standard 5lb and 3lb screw on plates, each dumbbell with this setup = 20lbs.
Screw/spin on collars included ( not pictured ).

2nd, Sand filled plastic plates: (4) 15lb, (4) 10lb, (4) 5lb plates

3rd, Curl bar with screw/spin on collars with (2) 12.5lb cast plates, (2) 7.5lb cast plates, (2) 2.5lb cast plates.

The plastic and cast plates can be used with the dumbbells. The plastic weights can be used with the curl bar. So a significant amount of weight can be allocated for a lot of exercises.

Located in Pingree Grove, work in Elk Grove
Asking $75.00 for EVERYTHING


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