Holley 750DP #4779 milled choke FS

Ron Vogel

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Jul 12, 2007
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I have a Holley 750 DP, model # 4779. It had been on my shelf for a few years until a friend of mine wanted it for his car. I stripped it, then re-built it for him using the BG rebuild kit.

Now he wants to keep his vac sec carb...

Anyway, the choke is milled and has a K&N stub stack to match the carb. The carb body and bowls are powdercoated red, and the metering blocks are black. The linkages are polished. It has a 50cc pump in front, and a hollow screw on the squirter. The only thing that doesn't look godd on it are the bowl screws, and they should be replaced, but all the other hardware is good.

I do not have the pump cams installed, so you will have to add them. In the rebuild kit a new power valve was included, so it is installed but I do not know it's size. Jets are installed, and IIRC they are 84/78, and the rear jets have jet extenstions.

I should have pics up tonight, but I just want this gone. The first $150 takes it!


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May 24, 2007
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Ron, put that up on chitown. I think more people would have a interest there.

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