Google Drive API Experts - Need Some Help


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Aug 23, 2007
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EDIT: My original assumption was I could use a Google Script, however, file revisions are not available in Google Scripts. You have to use the Google Drive API:

Long story short, I had a PC get infected with Ransomware. This PC also had Google Drive sync so all the files that were encrypted on that PC synced up to the cloud.

I did some research and Google Drive keeps a revision history of every file on GD. I'm looking for someone who could help write a script to do the following:

1. Iterate all folders and file in GD, and if the file has a certain extension (.deyvj), delete the most current Revision for that file. (It could also delete any Revision after 02.28.2019. The encryption dates started on 3.1 at midnight.)

2. Also, related to #1, once the encrypted Revision(s) are deleted, remove the file extension (.deyvj) from the impacted files. (All of the files encrypted had the '.deyvj' extension appended to them.)

3. Iterate all folders and delete any file named 'DEYVJ-MANUAL.txt'

I'm in the middle of tax season and I just don't have the time to code this myself right now. I'd be happy to pay someone for some help.

Please PM if you can help out.


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