HBO / MAX Game of Thrones - Brace yourselves, spoilers are coming


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Oct 8, 2008
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I know like 2 people who get any Home Star references, and that's really sad. Lucky for me, my wife knew all about Trogdor the burninator before I even met her :D

Hence why she is a wife. :rofl:

Whenever I see weird errors on anything I work on, I say it threw up Linux or something. Nothing. Every time. :tear:

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Aug 19, 2004
The media couldn't even let us enjoy/dislike GoT without turning into some pile of political garbage....

I loved “Game of Thrones” when it was a left-leaning political fantasy, as creator George R.R. Martin admitted when he told The New York Times — while feeding the appetites of the beltway media collective — that the mad boy king Joffrey was indeed the mad king Donald Trump.

I loved GoT when it was the most popular program in the blue liberal states and less so in conservative red states. The inner, hidden nerd in me (perhaps the nerd is no longer hidden) loved it even as HBO prudently herded its cash cow away from a sexist mashup of female breasts and dragons and political revenge in tights into something else again:

A epic feminist saga with strong, proud and ethical women (OK, forget Cersei) dealing with the world not as they wished it would be but as it was. And most of the men were either too narcissistically evil, stupid, venal or cowardly to do much good.

Oh, men!

But now our watch has ended.

And it’s obvious that as it ended, “Game of Thrones” was not the fantasy of the socialist left that it started out as, but a reaffirmation of conservative/libertarian beliefs.

It rejected the left’s cult of personality and worship of central authority that would decide what was best for us whether we liked it or not.

And it transformed itself into a show that William F. Buckley would have loved.

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The media couldn't even let us enjoy/dislike GoT without turning into some pile of political garbage....

What the actual fuck? I feel like they were trying to just get every buzzword or phrase into a single article. How can it have anything to do with trump and current politics when (besides it being based in a fictional medieval world) it was written starting in the mid 90's? I hate the media.


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