FS: rc18T 1/18 scale brushless rc truck

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Oct 24, 2007
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I've got a team associated rc18t with a castle creations mamba 25 kit in it. I believe it's a 4200K motor but may be a 5400k (honestly can't remember :roflpicard:)

Upgrades include:
carbon chassis with alloy bits
brushless mamba kit
carbon battery strap
new front tires
other factory team parts like axle nuts, dog bones, drive cup sleeves etc

comes with an extra chassis, arms, wheel adapters to run 1/10 road car wheels/tires, alloy rims (were not cheap) and both a 2s and 3s lipo battery.

does not include a radio or receiver but can be purchased super cheap from hobbypartz.com or hobbyking.com for under $20.

only bad thing I can think of is it's got a mismatch of hardware throughout and 1 of the allow arms doesn't match the other but the matching one is included....but I can't get the C-hub off of it. Also the paint is flaking off on the body as you can see in the pic.

looking for $140obo

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