FS: OFNA MBX Pro 9.5 1:8th buggy


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Oct 24, 2007
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Denver, CO
I bought this from a fellow member on here and I just don't use it like I thought I would.

Looking for $70 (I did rebuid the shocks on it since buying it which cost me $20 for parts.)

Make/model: OFNA MBX 9.5 Pro
Engine: OFNA Picco .27 w/Jammin JP-3 Hard Anno'd pipe
Steering Servo: Hitec 645MG
Throttle Servo: Hitec 645MG

Requires: Radio system, batteries, fuel, tires, body, Wing.

It runs great just needs a few things to make it complete (the tires do work decently on pavement). Tires/wheels are cheap on ebay and radio systems are super cheap on hobbypartz.com or just buy a receiver to match your current radio system (if you own more RC).
It also comes with 2 other engines and pipes along with some other misc parts I've got for it.

(The pic made it look like it's got some weird toe going on but I assure you it doesn't :rofl:)

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