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May 23, 2015
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So here is the short story of the mill I have for sale.
I had a deal lined up on a mill I really wanted and the guy flaked so I found this one that I bought from a machinist. It's $3200 brand new
UPS dropped it and broke some shit. So I replaced everything that was broken. Close to $400 in repairs and cleaned it all up. It moves beautifully now.
The controller board (tinyG) needs a firmware update or crapped out. It's only $129 brand new. So it will not be a turn key machine but pretty close.
I threw on a new controller and bigger motors so I can use it for myself but I'm going to be brining that stuff over to my new mill.

So what you get
3 motors all wired up
power supply
TinyG controller (here is the replacement)
a few collets and a few end mills

No enclosure. No big beefy motors in the picture

The chillipeppr software it runs on is web based and free. Or you can download a demo of mach3 which supports 500 lines of code or I can sell you the license for $160 brand new

Slap a new controller board on there and it's pretty much ready to rock
it does have 3 new bears, 3 new anti back lash nuts, new motor belt (not yet installed) some other misc parts were replaced

available for pick up in Lake Villa IL right by great america

I'll try to swap out the motors and get a better picture

$1800 obo


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