FS: 84 Mitsubishi Starion(Chrysler Conquest) - T3/T4 Turbo - $2000 (Schaumburg)


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Mar 4, 2010
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Due to financial circumstances beyond my control, I must sell.

I've got a daughter due any second - I was hoping that I'd be able to support both, but that's not the case, so baby before car.

The good:
CA/AZ car - minimal rust, have not removed the mudgaurds so there could be some under there. The driver's side front fender might have the worst of it, but nothing a little kitty hair and POR-15 can't solve.
This was an 87 engine. Good compression in all 4. Drove it 700mi from middle-of-nowhere KS to Chicago w/o any serious issue. Just takes a sec to warm up.
T3/T4 turbo w/ ex. wastegate @ 6psi
Log-style exhaust mani
3" DP/exhaust to Tenzo fart cannon(scilenced - needs replacing)
Clutch and trans are great. Everything grabs nice and shifts are strong and smooth.
Interior is nice. I'm in the middle of a pseudo-buckskin conversion. Replacement rear seatbacks and other black pieces are included.
Digital dash conversion(original speedo incld)
VELNAS - the MPGs are a little wonky, but everything else reads great.
Plenty of tread on the tires
New brakes
Swapped headlights to accept H4 bulbs
Replaced antenna mast w/ a stubby

The bad:
I've got a sputter I cannot figure out. It seems completely random. I've replaced the O2 sensor and had the MAF-T tuned. I've reset the TPS. I just replaced the injector clips w/ Dad's Bosch clips. I've checked several connections and have another ECU I haven't checked/tried.
The ICS wasn't connected when I got the car. I rewired it and warm starts are easy w/ just a little throttle - probably needs another reset.
Rear main seal is leaking. Was installed backwards. Leaks oil from that spot. Maybe needs a quart a month.
Turbo probably needs to be replaced/rebuilt. I'm getting some blue smoke @ low idle.
Steering coupler is worn - has steering play
Needs a repaint. Most of the panels are straight. Header panel is borderline, but I think can still be saved(no rust, just alot of dents)
Right turn signal doesn't click(but does light up - needs center bulb replaced)

The other:
Chassis has over 204K/mi
Engine has 70K on it
Has sunroof - has good seal that isn't coming apart. The dial doesn't seem to catch so it's either closed or off - no in-between.
Does have power steering. It's in a box along w/ other parts(like the 2nd ECU, inj clips, other int and misc parts.)
Heater core has been bypassed
It's a flatty - so it's non-intercooled BUT I've got all IC pipes and an intercooler(w/ a cut pipe) for the conversion.
The BRAKE light never turns off
Car was never registered in IL - still has the AZ title. Car doesn't need to be smogged in IL due to age.

If I can think of anything else(I tried to think of ANYTHING possible that'd be an issue/of interest), I'll put it up here.

I'm looking for $2000. I'd love to continue fixing her, but I just don't have the money(and soon, no time) to continue, but this car is close and it'll prolly tick me off slightly(and then be happy) when I see the kind soul who purchases this car get it to where she should be.

You can call me @ 224-201-0919(ask for Eric after 6PM CST) or PM. Car's gotta go, and if I can't sell this weekend, she's going up on eBay :(


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