FS: 29 gallon compressor (needs some help)


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May 23, 2015
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harbor freight 29 gallon compressor

about 4 years old

It has been running great for years. Recently it stopped working and I traced it down to a bad headgasket. Replaced the headgasket and valve. Made a custom flange for an air silencer. Attached larger wheels. Rubber feet were shot so replaced with hockey pucks and put them under the motor and pump to absorb some noise.
Compressor would build up to 80psi then stop spinning. Took off the exhaust silencer and it had no issues pumping. Took off the check valve and cleaned it, replaced the spring with one from another check valve (bought one that didn't fit) and still has the same issue. Bought another check valve but it's not the right one.
As of now all it needs (i think) is a check valve and the hard line from the pressure switch to the valve. It was a flared fitting but it broke last I touched it. Maybe you could re-flare it and reuse it or just get a stainless hose and call it done. Also a few years ago the regulator broke so I have been using a remote mounted one. The gauge also doesn't read any longer but since my external regulator had a good working gauge I didn't replace this one.

So either way if you can reflare the hard line and find the right check valve (harbor freight was something like a 10 week wait) then you can have a good running compessor for $20 fix or even less.

Either way I don't have time to mess with it so selling it cheap. Pick up in lake villa.

Only asking $200. I bought another compressor for the time being..bought the same one, but new.

this is the same specs but this one is a little shorter than the one i have


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