fs 2000 Grand Voyager CHEAP


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Nov 10, 2008
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Time for the mini van to go away! It's not perfect so I want anyone here to know everything that's wrong.
Silver with captain chairs. 195ish miles. trans was replaced at 175. But now that it is cold out it has to run till it's warm to engage into gear.
At 93k miles both engine and trans where replaced under warranty !!
Right rear fender was hit. See thread where I replaced the rear axle.
leaks coolant from the timeing belt cover. But not a ton. Axle boot in right side is badly torn.
Replaced Oil pan last year. Brakes where replaced. Right front caliper leaks.
New battary.
I brought this vehicle up when I came back from North Carolina 2 years ago. Parked it the first year so really just one winter of salt has it seen its whole life. The underside and body are extremely rust free.
I'll list it at $1000.00 make offers. Can get pics, vehicle located in Countryside/Lyons area.


AKA Emerballs & Emerstaxxx
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Jul 18, 2007
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Pay me 500 and I'll come get it now.

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