FS 2000 Focus SE $3500 +/- $500


Juiced, ported and blown
Mar 30, 2007
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My brother need a car took over payments on this car. Now he is going back to school so he won't be able to make the payments. I am "repo-ing" it on saturday. I have not seen the car in about 2 years so I am not sure what condition it is in. If there is actually any real intrest in this car I will post pictures and such. These are the details I know:

KBB value $3700 @ FAIR
140-150,000+ miles
Dark red
zetec engine
I am the orignal owner
Hitch scratch on front bumper
Walmart scratch on left passanger door
Should be pretty mechanically sound my brother know nothing about cars and he has not ever called me about fixing any problems on it.

Would be willing to sell outright or do the paperwork to have someone take over payments (227/mo) the car will be paid off in 13 monthes as of now.

Would also trade for SVT Contour + cash

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