frankie selling his t/a?


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Jul 24, 2009
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Yes. Not like y'all didn't see it coming. I've been avoiding listing stuff for sale on here because everyone gets butt hurt because I go through cars like underwear and don't feel like hearing about it.

I traded it for my BMW, not really having a purpose for it other than it made sense from a financial standpoint. I love f-body's and wanted to keep this to "replace" my 2001 Formula (my first car) but decided IF I buy and keep another F-body, it's going to be another 6-speed formula, preferably in navy blue.

I'm asking A LOT more for this car than it's worth, and I know that... It's high because I'm mainly looking to trade and everyone thinks their shit is worth a lot more when it comes to trading. I want to see how far I can get making positive trades. Trading has never really been my style, but, the few I've done I've done OK on... We'll see how far it takes me.

If any TCGers want it, I'd do $7,000 cash money. I can always start over with a new car. The car truly is mint. 1st owner was an older lady who had it from new to 133,000 miles. 2nd owner had it a year, was an over the road truck driver and only put about 1,500 miles on it. I put 500 on it. Currently has 135,023 miles on the odometer.

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