For those coming to the Naperville are meet on May 17th


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Apr 22, 2011
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Land of Wayne and Garth
For those of you that are coming to the May 17th Naperville area meet I have a favor to ask....

If anyone saw the news this weekend, there was a terrible fire this weekend in Aurora that killed 6 and injured 12. One 13 year old boy lost both his parents and it also displaced many families with children.,0,6381131.story

This is tragic and close to home. I have never done this before but I am doing this now.

I am asking everyone that comes to May 17th meet to either bring something to donate or donate some cash so I can buy supplies for these kids.

Below is what these kids need and as you can see it is the basic stuff we take for granted.

t shirts/undershirts

Sizes: (I don't know sizes and don't have kids so here are their ages do the best you can or ask a salesperson)
Ages 13, size 14-16 Especially this one as this boy has lost more than is imaginable. This boy has lost his entire family. I'm told he is 13 and on the thin side but this should be his size.
8, 4-5

Ages 7, 13

If everyone would buy just one item, equivalent to about 1 1/2 gallons of gas, we could make a HUGE difference in these kids lives when they have lost EVERYTHING. If you don't have time there is a Target right next to Portillo's or you can give me a few bucks and I will get whatever we don't get in donations.

Like I said above, I have never done something like this before but image losing everything and not even having clean underwear or socks. When I stopped by the church with a clothes donation earlier today the had plenty of clothes but not the above mentioned items.

So PLEASE help if you can.

Thank you,


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Feb 17, 2011
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Tone, I told my wife this and she already has intentions of going there tomorrow to drop off stuff. Thanks for telling me today in the parking lot.

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