Florida Yoga School Shooting - Two Dead, Several Wounded


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A shooter walked into a Tallahassee yoga studio and started shooting. He killed a doctor and a young woman who was at the studio.

40-year-old Scott Paul Beierle was another psycho with previous law enforcement interactions. He was twice arrested for grabbing women's buttocks and was banned from the FSU campus for following another woman.

Guy is being painted as a right wing misogynist. He posted videos on youtube calling white women who dated black men "whores" and saying some black women were disgusting.

He was from New York, had a master's degree and taught for two years before becoming unemployed.

n one video, the man said promiscuous women deserved to be crucified and he suggested putting up land mines to keep people from crossing into the U.S. from Mexico.

In another video, the man who appeared to be Beierle likened his adolescent self to Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old who killed six students and wounded more than a dozen others near the University of California, Santa Barbara, before killing himself in 2014. Rodger was a self-identified "incel," short for "involuntary celibate."

Tallahassee police say Beierle shot six people and pistol-whipped another after walking into the yoga studio that sits on the second floor of a shopping center located near the city's fashionable midtown neighborhoods. Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo said some in the studio showed courage by trying to stop him.

Witnesses at the shopping center described how people who had been in the studio ran away, seeking shelter in nearby bars and restaurants as shots rang out.

Police responded within a few minutes, but by then Beirele had fatally shot himself, leaving police to search for a motive and a community to wonder what prompted the violence
Police said Beierle acted alone but they were still looking into what prompted the shooting. He was originally from New York, had served in the military and once was a teacher in Maryland. After his military service, he wound up attending FSU.

Kristi Malone, who had a graduate class with Beierle, said in a Facebook message that she did not interact with him outside of the classroom because of "his odd leering, inappropriate comments and general demeanor."

"I know that myself and several of my female colleagues made a point to never be alone with him even at school because of his odd behavior," Malone said.
Sounds like another guy who was so weird he couldn't get a GF and hated women because they didn't like him.



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Oct 6, 2010
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Guy is being painted as a right wing misogynist.

He was from New York, had a master's degree and taught for two years before becoming unemployed.
When I think of radical right-wingers, unemployed teachers from New York(who then moved to Florida) are the first people that pop in to mind.

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Apr 6, 2005
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They can paint whatever picture of him. The dude was a selfish Dick.

Should chop up his corpse and feed it to sharks

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