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Jul 15, 2007
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Chicago (Southside)
Long story short my aunt was fiddling with msconfig and ended up screwing up the registry so now her cd drive and cd burner dont work at all. :eek: Anyone know of a good place to take it in the Chicago area, around 99th and western.. I imagine driving a lil ways is not a problem since it needs to be fixed. Ive been to Microcenter before, just looking for other places that may be closer.



imported_Ron Vogel

You can call Datamedics in La Grange, Talk to Vince only...he owns the place, tell him Ron Vogel sent you. He used to play drums in a band I was in a few years back. If they can't do it no one can, very fair pricing and a good guy. They are right off La grange road next to Ed Shirley sports.

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