🔧 BUILD Five-0’s 86 Notcho

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Say hello to Notcho 2.0. Happened much faster than I thought, but I’ll take it. This is what I was after all along. Great patina, but literally no actual rust. You could eat off the bottom of this thing.

Original 5.0, but swapped out to a 93 block and T-5. This car used to be local and then spent some time in Texas and I bought it off that guy and had it shipped here.

Plans are to leave the paint as-is, tidy up the engine bay and interior and just drive it until I decide to up the power.













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Oct 5, 2015
Finally started to really get into this thing.

Gave her a fancy oil (which is teal for some reason) and filter change and got the Stifflers cross-member and poly mount in.

Next starts the interior removal for the dreaded heater core and AC evap while I’m in there.

I have had to drastically lower my to-do list to only the things that HAVE to get done since spring is almost here. Heater core is a must. I will re-dye the interior plastics since most of it will be out anyways. The seat belts are shot and don’t lock at all, so I have new belts front and rear for it. The rear seat is also wrong and doesn’t lock into place. I have a groovy red vinyl one from an 84 to throw in there. With my kids and their boosters in the back I need them to be safe so those are a must.

Now for the main dilemma. There is a local tuner who can re-tune the microsquirt that’s in here, but it’s not cheap. I can save a little more and have the Holley EFI installed and tuned and have a better end product, but that will delay things some. Either way might as well turn it up ??‍♂️




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