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May 23, 2007
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The Fast and Furious franchise continues to be a global phenomenon, just not as much as you might think in the United States. Fast X, the latest movie in the franchise and the first part of the series’ finale, debuted in the U.S. on May 19 and was met with tepid reception at the box office, with just $67.5 million over the opening weekend. But, the rest of the world met the Fast Family’s latest adventure with open arms, pushing it to a massive $319 million opening worldwide.

While the domestic opening wasn’t so impressive, putting it fifth for the year behind the Mario movie, both new Marvel movies, and John Wick 4, the international opening is a whole different story. The $319 million total internationally makes Fast X the second biggest opening of the year, behind only the Mario movie’s massive $377 million.

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Jul 8, 2007
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