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Aug 5, 2012
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Posting this for a good friend of mine.
It's a 2001 Audi TT quattro 225. Non-smoker and always garage kept! Reason for selling is I've had the car a long time and I'm itching for a new project and am actively looking for a 2013 5.0.

6 speed manual trans (new put in a couple years back), 1.8t 4 cylinder turbo (built bottom end, big turbo swap), engine is brand new freshly built with barely 1k miles on it enough for the break in. I've had the car for almost 5 years now and since I've owned it I have all documentation for any labor/parts done to the car. She has 102,xxx miles on the body and hasn't been driven more than 100 miles in almost the past year as I've kept it in storage. I have tons and I mean tons of cash and time put into the car over the years in parts/upgrades and nothing cheap has ever been put on the car.

Mobile1 oil/filters used every 3k or less miles. Motor is an AMU block which is the strongest available for the 1.8, IE forged rods w/20mm wrist pins, coated/extra clearance rod bearings. MLS head gasket. The timing belt, water pump, all pullies(lightweight anodized blue), tensioner, accessory belt, and thermostat(lo-temp) were all replaced around w/80k miles on the car. Heated seats, AC, and heat work excellent. Bose radio w/6cd changer. New BFG kdw's on the car now, couple hundred miles on them at most. Brakes have been upgraded (pads/slotted rotors) with plenty of life in them still. H&R coilover suspension. Custom built high stage drag-spec southbend clutch (sprung center 6-puck) w/lightweight steel flywheel to keep clutch chatter to a minimum and absorb the heat better for launching the car with around 1k break in miles on it, installed same time as the new motor. 550cc injectors. 3in turbo-back exhaust with a de-cat midpipe(w/qtp electric cutout welded in) and a high flow cat midpipe that can swapped in place of that pipe if preferred. No CEL on the car, passes emissions even with no cats. I have all stock parts for the car minus the stock turbo. Custom hard-piping done by Fluid Motor Union in Plainfield as well as the tune for the car. I have a brand new 600hp garrett intercooler core that's already been leak-tested good that I never got around to putting on the car as well. Car is stock-appearing on the outside minus a debadged front grille and black Audi rings on the back. Interior is stock minus an AWE vent mounted boost gauge. I have a N2MB wot/2step/no-lift shift box installed as well. I know I'm probably forgetting a lot that's done to the car.

It is in awesome shape but isn't perfect, there are a few very minor nik's in the paint no bigger than a pen tip. Inside the leather is in great shape as well, no tears at all. Still have the original spare tire that has never been used and jack, tool kit, and medical kit in the car.

Mechanically the car is near perfect being that everything is either new of freshly built. The only issue it has is the wastegate actuator for the turbo has been acting up and doen't fully close thus keeping the boost down. The turbo is a Garrett gt2871r w/internal wastegate. It has been on the car for almost 2 years now and has no shaft play, just the wastegate actuator would need a rebuild/replace to hit full boost, ~22psi. Ok I think that's enough typing time for pics. I have much much more pics and info available on request.

I have an asking price of $12,000, no trades please.
Contact me through PM, email: [email protected] or phone call/text 8am-midnight please: (815)545-5468 if I don't answer leave a message w/number and I promise I will return the call.
I have a recent (about 50miles ago) paid professional appraisal done on the car from a previous potential buyer w/all paperwork rating the car in excellent condition. quote: "I have ranked and qualified the vehicle as it compares to other vehicles in its class and quality based on market conditions and various indices along with research from an extensive marketing library, and collector car auctions and specialty vehicle sales and have determined that the vehicles actual cash value as inspected is $22,800.00." that being said I believe I am asking a fair price of around half of that value. I have the full 9 page document with over 75 pictures taken from the appraisal + about 150 more pics from over the years.
Thanks for looking and reading my long post, as I find it difficult to keep short with so much info.
BTW it shoots flames too! see vid link below.
Audi TT no lift shift - YouTube

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