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Jan 30, 2006
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Sup Guys -
When I bought my C32AMG 5 years ago one of goals was to ditch the single exit exhaust for a dual set up like the E55 cars have. There were some half-assed aftermarket setups available but I decided to have Velasquez in WC fab me up a catback a couple years ago and am/was happy with the workmanship.

The general set up is stock manifolds into 300 cell race cats into a single Magnaflow perforated tube muffler into a single 300 cell cat and out the back into 2 quad tipped tail pipes. It's a strange configuration but I had to make due with the limited space I had. The C32 trunk well is offset so while there's a ton of room for a driver's side muffler in the rear there was barely enough space to run a 2.5" tailpipe out the right side.

Due to the lack of space the sole muffler in the system sits right under the center console and the interior noise too is much for me to handle anymore. I'd like to tone it down quite a bit.

About a year ago the resonator I had behind the center muffler blew out so I replaced it with 400 cell cat. It smoothed out the sound and took it down a couple decibels but it's still just too damned loud.

My question is....would I be better off replacing the high flow magnaflow muffler currently installed in the center with a flow 50 or something even quieter or...should I have a factory style cat (not high flow) installed where the muffler currently is and have no muffler at all (just cats). Keep in mind the center location is the only place I can fit a muffler.

I like the idea of just installing a factory style cat but am concerned it won't decrease sound anymore than the magnaflow currently installed does.

The MF currently installed has a total length of 30" so this is what I have to work with.


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