Dry Age Like a Pro With Steak Locker


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I saw this tonight while researching at home dry aging and thought it was pretty cool.

Steak Locker is a kickstarter driven mini fridge that is designed to dry age steak. You get the fridge with a fan, a salt reservoir for salt blocks to help dry out the meat and a UV light to kill any germs. This is supposed to be closer to the commercial dry age machinery than the vacuum bags that I was looking at.

At $1,400, I won't be buying one soon but it would be cool to have this in the kitchen/outdoor kitchen.

EDIT: The pic showing it in an outdoor kitchen won't link but it's in the kickstarter link. The fridge can be mounted like a wine fridge in the counters. It would be cool to have guests over and pull out a hunk of dry aged beef for grilling.




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