DIY Drag sled: project overkill


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Aug 28, 2007
Homer Glen
Every time I throw a drag sled in my cart from Rogue, Rep or whoever I can never get myself to pull the trigger on it. Thanks to the inspiration from greasy greasy and a plentiful pile of scrap, I’m going to DIY build one of these bad boys for free ninety nine.

All 10 gauge stainless U channel with random holes in it. Excess parts from cooling tower construction 10 years ago.

Got it all cut this afternoon during my lunch break:

I’ll get around to welding it up some time this week. The weight loading pin is going to be whatever stainless tube I can find or a flange and thread something in. HDPE on the bottom of the runners from scrap I have lying around.


draggin’ fools
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Jun 25, 2007
Looking great thus far! Will you be using this on grass at all? If so I would suggest angling the ski ends up a little bit more, if solely on pavement you'll be good.