Dennis since196 Stillman valley car wash 4:45


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Feb 21, 2005
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Dennis since1964 Stillman valley car wash 4:45

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May 26, 2004
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No it's a manual, I just needed a place to burn one for the trip home because I didn't want to do it driving......:eek:

I like to take 88 East of of 39 but I blew right by that without even knowing it, and then got busted for 88 in a 65 after cruising at 140-130 and slowing down I was just sitting around 90 and YES my Valantine caught him in time, but "I" didn't react quick enough and rolled right into his view as he was headed Northbound. Cop was cool, but said he's gonna write me anyway, that 88 is too much. I take off and see 80 East and West options and I'm like MAN this stuff is powerfulll......:rolleyes:

I've been there before and it's a nice place to use if you want a sparkling car for the race track.

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