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TV Demon Slayer


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TCG Blue
Jan 26, 2008
ep 8 watched.

well I wasnt expecting this episode, but damn.

But, come on, lets fucking get back to Tanjiro in the forest already. It's been 2 episodes now and he has not made a single appearance.
I was thinking the same. I want to see Tanjiro but we'll probably see a little bit next week. It looks to be focused still on Muichiro.
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TCG Blue
May 23, 2007
Avondale, AZ
I really can't help but feel like they're

setting Muichiro up to get killed. Just on all the time they've spent building him up. But they still need to also address the thing w/ his father, and if he's somehow related to Tanjiro, so I really hope we get some answers soon, but I don't feel good about Mu making it out of this season, even tho he's already made it thru so many seemingly impossible situations that SHOULD have killed him