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3-man rules!!!!
Jul 4, 2007
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Lansing, IL
it's making power cuz it's trapping pretty well but like i just felt like it may be quicker. you still chasin issues?
I wouldn't much say chasing anymore, but still trying to correct a few things. Kirk Chiller pointed out flaws in my interchiller setup, to help it cool even better. My circuit breaker still trips, so I need better ones or go back to fuses. Somehow I dropped 2psi of boost to where I was. But I still haven't been tuned on e85.

Hopefully I can set something up with Bob to wrap this up and get on his new hub dyno.

I felt like it's still holding back. Each shit it seemed boost was ramping up from 4-6psi instead of being rock solid. It's my first roots blower, but never noticed that before.

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